When you're looking for an artist who is motivated, passionate, prolific, flexible, and collaborative, you find Laurie Lavenhar. This artist's work simple and complex, with a kaleidoscope of colors. All of Laurie's artwork was created from the heart, as her healing path and a way to reach others.  learn more


Laurie's images are full of uniquely blended colors, patterns, and designs. Her portfolio is dense with art that touches almost every demographic and theme. Laurie can also create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece just for you. (Note: all works sold as art not available for licensure). learn more


Can you see a set of dessert plates, each with a different face from the ladies series? Or throw pillows to look like the botanicals in Laurie's art? Or clothing with boarders and adornments? Many clients have requested diversification of art products. Licensing options for manufacturers.  learn more