"Inspiration for my art arrived shortly after being treated for ocular melanoma, a rare cancer. The cancer took much but left me the gift of creating beautiful artwork.  I was unable to draw a thing prior to this. My works are characterized as whimsical, full of uniquely blended colors, patterns, & designs and primarily figurative. I am prolific. My portfolio is dense with art that touches most every demographic and theme. It was my healing path and vehicle for reaching others." -LL


People found inspiration from Laurie's art as it has revealed the common bonds we share. These bonds are of love, friendship, support, and collective strength. People have found comfort as well, as it relates to our humanity; that place within us that drives our spirits to survive adversity. Laurie has come to believe we must embrace unanticipated challenges with hope and courage.


Alone, adversity is not inspirational; rather it is the triumph over adversity where inspiration lies. Control over adversity lies within each one of us. The rest are a bonus, and tribute to the lives we have led and people we have touched. Truly, we can only control ourselves. The addition of love, kindness and support serve as a bonus!