Laurie is an artist, licensor, who has a large cohesive portfolio with over 115 art pieces for manufacturers in a variety of industries. A manufacturer can choose to use the coordinated patterns as boarders or patterns on plates, wallpaper, or stationary. Manufacturers could also use all the coordinating patterns and choose to omit the face, for example. Laurie’s art would look great on plates, soft goods like pillows, blankets, nursery ensembles, wallpaper, dolls, furniture, hats and clothing. Laurie’s work is not necessarily considered mainstream. However, it appeals to most women ages 28 years and up so, in that sense, it is niche based upon Laurie’s unique whimsical style.   


Laurie's work is currently in two art galleries in Colorado and her portfolio for licensure offers a cohesive stylized collection of 20 images every 12 months, including a line of cancer related images. Laurie is very thankful for the national and international collectors who have already added her art in their homes. A special client first introduced Art Licensure to Laurie. He often showed her product after product in his shop and said, “Your work needs to be on these products!" Laurie manufactured all she could on her own but couldn't provide the diversity of products in demand. Ultimately, she created a line of products for a sophisticated niche of shops, bookstores, etc. and has been honored by many commissions (both corporate entities and individuals). 


Note: All works sold as art will not be available for art licensure.